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What is Asbestos and Why Does it Matter?

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

red bio hazard symbol Take caution! Asbestos is a bio-hazard!

Asbestos is a mineral fiber found in rock and soil. Due to its natural strength and heat resistant quality, asbestos has long been used in construction. Asbestos materials were especially widespread in use from the 1920’s-1970’s. Asbestos is most commonly found in vinyl floor tiles, insulation, pipe fittings, textured ceilings, and joint compound.

After many years we have learned the health effects greatly outweigh the benefits of asbestos materials in construction. So, in July of 1989 the EPA worked to ban asbestos containing material due to its toxicity. Asbestos is now recognized as a biohazardous material.

We are routinely performing demolition as part of remediation scope.  Understanding the threat of asbestos and to keep both our staff and property owners safe we always test for asbestos prior to performing any demolition. 

Asbestos is hazardous on any scale. According to OSHA, “No evidence of a threshold or safe level of exposure has been found.”

If you have concerns about asbestos in your home and need assistance with either testing or removal we can help. Before demolition is performed in in your home you must have asbestos testing performed. A licensed laboratory will need to perform the test and asbestos removal requires a licensed contractor here in CT. Additionally there are rules and regulations for the disposal of the removed asbestos containing material.

We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you have concerns of asbestos in your home call us today.